Property Photography

Property Photographers Hampshire

In general, Property Photographers Hampshire display your property at its best.

The first thing to remember, Property Photographers Hampshire, photograph your property to display it at its best potential. Therefore, to make that great first impression, you have to go the extra mile to gain an advantage.

Equipment for Property Photographers Hampshire

To demonstrate, by using the appropriate equipment and lighting despite the advances in quality over recent years. Professional photographs of your property will always look better than photos taken with a small compact camera or phone.

First Impressions

As a matter of fact, pictures are invariably the first indication that potential buyers or renters get of your property.  In that case whatever your reason using a photographer with the right expertise will show your property at its best. For this reason, high standard property photographs are vital if you are looking to rent/sell or to engage customers. It’s the skill of the photographer to produce property photography that is attractive and accurate. In other words, professional photographs help your home or business stand out from the crowd. For this reason, it really does make a difference with a whole presentation package.

On the positive side, I photograph properties mainly by using the available ambient light. From time to time where necessary I utilise studio and flash lighting setups. As a result, this enables me to capture what the human eye sees. It’s also important that the finished image has no converging verticals or orange colour casts. For this reason, I check all images in post-processing for upright walls and the correct colour balance.

Accordingly, I undertake work for

  • Estate Agents
  • Residential Property Owners
  • Property Developers
  • Companies who want images of their business premises photographed
  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast premises
  • Architects


Accordingly, if you are not 100% happy with my property photography I offer you this guarantee. As a result, I will retake all photographs free of charge. In that case, what have you got to loose?

To emphasize, examples of my work, have a look at this Property Slideshow (you tube link)

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