Masonic Ladies Night Events.

Masonic Ladies Night Events.

Masonic Ladies Night Events, William Rufus Lodge No 6979 Ladies Night.

As a matter of fact part of the photography service that I offer is to attend Masonic Ladies Night Events. Consequently MH Photography was invited to attend Ladies night on the 19th of August of William Rufus Lodge No 6979. With the event being held at the Wellow Golf club near Romsey. Furthermore the guest numbered approximately 120 all dressed in DJ’s and lovely evening dresses.

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First task is to set up the portable studio in the area set aside off the main dining area. First and foremost I used a dark blue background with different sized stars. This is then draped over the backdrop bar on stands. Using one Bowens Gemini G400 studio light and soft box, to provide the light. In order to process the images two laptops with a printer are used. One laptop is used for post processing the images, the other for guests to view.  The studio was open for business once the light levels have been set.

To encourage the guests to participate a couple of test images are taken and displayed for them to see. Meanwhile starting with a trickle, guests arrive to have their pictures taken before dinner is served. Between the starter and main course more guests arrive to be photographed and view their images. There is another lull during the main course with guests arriving on mass before the dessert.

The evening was busy with guests being photographed and selecting the images they would like printed. The comments from the guests are about the “fantastic look of the images”. With the evening in full swing it is time to turn to printing the images. For me it’s about the concentration required to check the image and print the correct one is huge. With the buzz in the room it’s easy to get it wrong and print the wrong image or not to carry out post processing.

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The conclusion of the evening

Masonic Ladies Night Events are great fun to be part of. The evening was a great success, with those that purchased their prints being really happy with the way they looked. As Masonic Ladies Night Events go the Worshipful Master was thrilled in the way that his guests responded in raising money for The Rainbow Centre in Fareham.

Holding a Masonic Ladies Night Events

At this point take a look at our events page and contact Martin or call him on 0782 433 1730 to see how he can help with your Masonic Ladies Night Events

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