First Impressions.

First Impressions.

Why your Profile Photo creates first impressions.

Why first impressions? Fact – Studies have shown it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo. Like it or not, your picture is selling you.
How do you improve your impact on someone in less than a second?
You might be thinking why does it matter what photo I use a photo is a photo right? How many times have you looked a somebodies photo and formed an opinion of whether you like them? How many people will view your LinkedIn profile, what do you think your picture says about you?
If you want to know more look up Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov and read about the studies carried out at Princeton University into forming first impressions.

How can you improve your picture?

Squint a little with your eyes, don’t have them wide open.
Accentuate your jawline
Dress for your role
Make eye contact
Use either Head to shoulders or head to waist in frame


A plain background with company logo showing or an out of focus background.

First Impressions

What not to do?

Wear Sunglasses
Face only close-ups
Full body shot
Dark colors
High color saturation
Have a color cast in the photo (photo looks yellow)

Don’t just take our word that it’s not true about forming first impressions? Have a read of Amy Cuddy a social Psychologist’s article. Starting with your business profile picture it’s about establishing your credibility and giving your prospects a reason to trust you.

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