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Hampshire Chamber Networking with the Tall Ships Youth Trust

The Gathering

In any event, the Hampshire Chamber Networking on October 19th took place with the Tall Ships Youth Trust Charity.

All things considered, the morning was crisp, with daylight breaking to a clear sky. To begin with, the event started by congregating of the attendees in the All Bar One restaurant at 07.30hrs.

Following a light breakfast of croissants and coffee, the attendees received a briefing from TSYT on the morning’s activity. As a result, with two yachts the groups allocated to Challenger 2 or 4. We then made our way to the pontoon for boarding.

In due time after the group photo, we boarded our respective challenger yacht.

Group photo Hampshire Chamber NetworkingGroup Safety Talk Hampshire Chamber Networking










Before we departed from the pontoon aw had a safety talk and advice on what not to do. We Then received lifebelts which we all put on. With the yacht ready we then left the berth.

Heading to sea

Forthwith, slipping the lines, we carefully with expert handling by the helmsperson left the berth and proceeded to sea. In this case, whilst leaving the harbour we were underway with the motor running. Once clear of the harbour entrance and the main shipping lanes thoughts turned to sails.

Under sail

At the same time as entering open water, the helmsperson gave instructions for hoisting of the sails.  As can be seen, volunteers (under instruction) from the Motley crew gave a hand setting the sails. With hoisted sails, and the gentle blowing wind filling them.  The helmsperson gave a demonstration of tacking with the wind. Other motley crew members then took turns at the helm.

Hoisting sails Hampshire Chamber Networking

















Returning to port

Accordingly, after a couple of hours at sea with a slight wind and beautiful sunshine, we started to return port. In the first place, the first task was to drop the sails. Therefore, the motley crew got to the task as a team. Accordingly with the sails lowered all helped to stow them away. Furthermore, with the sails stowed, the yacht squared away, permission from the Queens Harbour Master, we returned to the berth.









Hampshire Chamber Networking

After tying up we retired to the Customs House pub for a talk on the charity and lunch.








If you have enjoyed this adventure you can contact Martin for more information.

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A point often overlooked about Event Photography at business corporate events is that it is an extremely useful tool. In other words, it can help document and promote your business.

More and more businesses are holding events.

Generally speaking, these could be:-

  • celebration parties for their sales teams and distributors,
  • award ceremonies for target achievers,
  • product launch parties,
  • exhibitions,
  • shows,
  • conferences,
  • motivational or training seminars for the employees,
  • other marketing events.

BUSINESS CORPORATE EVENTS Picture of a lady driving a luxury carBUSINESS CORPORATE EVENTS Picture of a lady driving a simulator







BUSINESS CORPORATE EVENTS Picture of a group of peopleBUSINESS CORPORATE EVENTS Picture of awards being received









For this reason, events like these create maximum attention by increasing staff engagement, publicity and sales.

All things considered, events need handling well and are a huge public relations exercise. As a matter of fact, it is here that an event photographer can play a key role and help businesses. As a result of capturing the moments of importance, the PR pictures of the day. It all helps to build the publicity for the business.

It’s important to realise images can form part of a Press Release Package and send to local media companies. Under these circumstances, this can only help to receive a positive response and increase the profile of the business.


With this in mind, the pictures taken at these events form a valuable archive of the business’s history. That is to say, the images help businesses improve on their events.


Coupled with the event, the photographer can produce prints of keynote speakers who present at the event. As a mark of appreciation of the event, the prints are given as a gift to the speakers.

For this reason, good event photographers are in high demand. Smart businesses are putting their services to effective use for recording and promoting their various business events.

By the same token if you are considering holding an event for your company, contact Martin to find out what he can do for you.

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Shades of 1950’s Ball.

Using a green screen backgrounds for events

In reality green screen backgrounds are a great way to enhance a photography event. The Shades of 1950’s ball  was a good use of a green screen backdrop.

Preparation for the event.

All things considered the event called for backgrounds that represented the decade of 1950’s. Cars of the period were the choice for this. The venue would not allow cars in and photographing outside was not an option. In the event cars could not be used and as a result green screen was chosen for the backdrop. With this in mind case images from Layer Cake Elements were used for superimposing in Photoshop.

Green Screen

The backdrop stands out as the bold chromatic colour. The trick is to try and evenly light it with the photography lights so as the light is even all over. Any creases will then disappear in the software process.

The guests are invited forward, and are posed in front of the backdrop.  The positioning has to be far enough away to stop shadows appearing.

Green Screen BackgroundsTwo people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds







 Green screen backgrounds processing.

The next step is to load the image onto the PC into Photoshop. Use the slect and mask tools to remove the green background. In this case the an image from Layer Cake Elements was used for the background.

Two people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds background removedPicture of a Diner Green Screen Background







The next stage is to place the diner picture behind the couples image. Look closely you will spot a slight green tinge on the image in places. You can easily remove this by creating a new layer in Photoshop. Now change the layer to hue and create a clipping path. For this reason you use the brush and eyedropper tool. Sample the colour next to the green hue then paint on the colour to the green tinge. You will see the green disappear.

Two people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds background removed new backgroundTwo people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds complete







Have a look at selection of the photos from the event here.

For a short video on this visit my you tube channel. Like to know more then contact Martin for further information.

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Masonic Ladies Night Events.

Masonic Ladies Night Events, William Rufus Lodge No 6979 Ladies Night.

As a matter of fact part of the photography service that I offer is to attend Masonic Ladies Night Events. Consequently MH Photography was invited to attend Ladies night on the 19th of August of William Rufus Lodge No 6979. With the event being held at the Wellow Golf club near Romsey. Furthermore the guest numbered approximately 120 all dressed in DJ’s and lovely evening dresses.

Picture of a family, Masonic Ladies Night Events













First task is to set up the portable studio in the area set aside off the main dining area. First and foremost I used a dark blue background with different sized stars. This is then draped over the backdrop bar on stands. Using one Bowens Gemini G400 studio light and soft box, to provide the light. In order to process the images two laptops with a printer are used. One laptop is used for post processing the images, the other for guests to view.  The studio was open for business once the light levels have been set.

To encourage the guests to participate a couple of test images are taken and displayed for them to see. Meanwhile starting with a trickle, guests arrive to have their pictures taken before dinner is served. Between the starter and main course more guests arrive to be photographed and view their images. There is another lull during the main course with guests arriving on mass before the dessert.

The evening was busy with guests being photographed and selecting the images they would like printed. The comments from the guests are about the “fantastic look of the images”. With the evening in full swing it is time to turn to printing the images. For me it’s about the concentration required to check the image and print the correct one is huge. With the buzz in the room it’s easy to get it wrong and print the wrong image or not to carry out post processing.

Picture of a group of people, Masonic Ladies Night EventsPicture of a couple, Masonic Ladies Night Events























The conclusion of the evening

Masonic Ladies Night Events are great fun to be part of. The evening was a great success, with those that purchased their prints being really happy with the way they looked. As Masonic Ladies Night Events go the Worshipful Master was thrilled in the way that his guests responded in raising money for The Rainbow Centre in Fareham.

Holding a Masonic Ladies Night Events

At this point take a look at our events page and contact Martin or call him on 0782 433 1730 to see how he can help with your Masonic Ladies Night Events

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