Celebration of Life Slideshows

Celebration of Life Slideshows

Celebration of Life Slideshows by Martin Harris from MH Photography

In 2007 my wife and I went through one of life’s experiences we all face sometime in our lives. In the space of three months we lost my mother and both her parents.
Since that time, as a Hampshire Photographer I have been looking for something that would help with the grieving process. It was about 2years ago when I met a photographer who occasionally compiled slideshows for a funeral director. We spoke and the conversation that I had sparked my interest. I undertook some research and with the help of a few friends I decided to add this to my business.

What benefit could this be?

Celebration of Life slideshows are about paying tribute to an individual by celebrating their life. It’s using the images and or video taken over a lifetime adding a soundtrack of music or spoken word and displaying the slideshow at a family and friends gathering. The gathering could be a funeral wake, golden wedding celebration, a retirement, significant birthday, wedding and I am sure that you can think of a few more.

A Celebration of Life slideshow brings together the images/video that have been stored in a box, a book, on a pc hard drive and gives the opportunity to share those memorable moments with others. People can rediscover those forgotten moments, to learn of moments unknown but above all to remember the times that we were spent in that persons company.

The slideshow can be watched time and time again. It is a lasting memory that forms part of the family tree and can be handed down to the younger generations, leaving a legacy of what has passed and who people were.

Are you thinking of how you can leave a legacy, then contact Martin and talk to him about having a slideshow commissioned for you.

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It’s hard to plan to celebrate life, but life can be celebrated in many ways. Whether it’s a significant birthday (18, 21, 40, 50, 60 etc.), a retirement after a long and happy work life, a silver, golden or diamond wedding celebration, the choice is endless really.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate that special occasion.

A special meal – Celebrate at a restaurant or pub where the memories are brought back.
A special holiday– Somewhere you have always wanted to go for that special time.
Time away in a hotel – Where time can be spent pampering yourself with a massage or spa.
A special day out – Where you are chauffer driven. Having your own tour guide and exploring somewhere like a town or stately home. Making you feel like a king and or queen for a day.

There are other options that may be less expensive and it gives the opportunity to share with family and friends.

A family meal with close family at a restaurant
Hiring a venue and having a family and friends get together.
A family picnic/BBQ, not at home but somewhere that the family can meet, the adults can talk and the kids play.

This also gives the opportunity for family and or friends to celebrate with a personal gift, to acknowledge how special those being celebrated are to them.

There are lots of ways to give and lots of gifts to choose from.

A bottle of vintage champagne or wine
A day out
A meal
A family portrait
A book of photo memories
A Celebration of Life slideshow full of family memories.

Why not post some of your favourite things?

For information on Portraits, Photo Books and DVD slideshow contact Martin

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By Hampshire Photographer, Martin Harris from MH Photography

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Celebration of life slideshow is a unique way when the time comes to celebrate a life.

When the time comes, have you thought about personalising arrangements for your funeral?

The passing of a life should have meaning for the family and friends. It is a celebration of a unique and wonderful life that the loved one had. It is the tribute that reflects on and remembers the memories by helping to start the healing process.

By paying tribute in this personalised way, the ceremony allows family and friends to share a life story. It allows everyone who has come to give support, the opportunity to join in and remember the fun times and good times by paying their tribute to the unique life.

There are a lot of options to enable the personalisation of celebrating the passing.
A few options to consider:

Customised Funeral Vehicles: Horse drawn hearse, customised van
Memory Table: memorabilia items that remember the person life.
Music: Playing of favourite music that people remember the memories of the life.
Celebration of Life Slideshow tribute: Where images, video, music, poetry, testimonials are all brought together and played at the ceremony and family/friends get together after the ceremony.

All of the above help with the healing process for those that are left behind. It’s about involving people and bringing them together. The slideshow also leaves a legacy for future generations to enjoy and keep memories alive.

Contact Martin, for further details of creating for you your own unique slideshow.



By Martin Harris from MH Photography, A Hampshire Photographer

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Celebration of Life Slideshow

Celebration of life slideshow

I am pleased to say that I have just had the privilege of being commissioned to compile a Celebration of Life Slideshow for a wife and a wonderful mother.

It’s a strange feeling as the slideshow is for someone who is in the process of preparing the preparations for when they have gone. Although it is a solemn time the family could not have been more accommodating and friendly.

It is a privilege to have an insight into one’s life, through the images they have selected and the music to accompany them. You can feel the love that the family has for each other and much they care for their mother.

I can only concur with the family that this is the perfect way to celebrate that life and share this with family and friends. It will also leave a legacy for the younger generations to remember who the person was and provide their children with a cherished memory of someone they never knew.

This is what the daughters have said,

“Oh Martin,

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you hard work and attention to detail.

We have just shown our mum, and she could not believe how beautifully put together it all was.

Tia and Cindy”

I have spoken to them since and they told me that there father did not want to watch the slideshow. He has relented and now watched it 4 times and has also commented on how nicely it was put together and forms a wonderful memory.

If you would like to find out more, contact Martin for further details.

By Martin Harris from MH Photography

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