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Business Portraits Hampshire Quality Images are Good for Your image

Often overlooked is the point that Business Portraits Hampshire is, quite literally, good for your image. As a matter of fact its equally important to remember “People buy from people they know, like and trust”. Not to mention that phrase, “IMAGE IS EVERYTHING”. Remember, creating that image is an art.


As a Business Portraits photographer based in Hampshire, it is important to realise that quality photographs are essential. As a result, with this in mind, my passion is to help you look approachable and professional. Whether that is for a social media account, your website or your literature.


With attention to detail, I achieve this by creating natural and relaxed headshots of your staff in their office environment. As a result,  your visitors can to put a face to a name helping them get to know your business.


In the first place to benefit you and save you time, I travel to you for the photoshoot. Another key point is the choice of backgrounds you can choose from.  With this in mind, it can be a local location, a workplace environment and can be individual or group-based. Another key point is that by using a plain, natural or work environment background we ensure that you stand out.

Types of Headshots

This depends on the image you what to portray for the purpose of your business? For this reason, I offer a range of five types of headshots to choose from. They are the following:-

First, the Formal Headshot shot against a plain background.

In this case, the plain background allows the subject to stand out.

Second is the Location Headshots using a local location.

This adds a natural feel to the photo. By blurring the background, in this case, this ensures that the attention is drawn to the subject.

Third Formal Office Headshots

Fourth Informal/Working Office Headshots

Using a selected area within your premises, images will be taken that show yourself or your management and staff in their work environment.

Lastly a variety of background choices using green screen photography.

Accordingly, this involves taking images at your workplace. Then transposing this onto a different background using either Studio Magic or an image of your choice.

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