Business Headshots Using Photography In Your Business – Why is it so important?

Business Headshots Using Photography In Your Business – Why is it so important?

Business Headshots

It must be remembered that using good Business Headshots helps create your first impression. It’s important to get this right as viewers form that impression in less than 1/10th of a second.

As an illustration, have a look at this interesting post from James Potter. He makes some very valid points.

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Why are good business headshots so important?

There is a simple answer to this. It‘s fair to say that the growth and power of social media means photographs and video are very powerful tools. The main reason being that people browse by looking at images. When they find something of interest they then might read the text that accompanies.

Baring the above in mind how can you turn images to your advantage?

To ensure that you present yourself as a professional business you need the following:-

  • Clear images – An image that is in focus on the main subject and where the subject stands out.
  • A non-distracting Background – In this case using a plain background or ensure that the background is out of focus.

Moreover potential customers like to see who they are going to do business with.  As a result this makes the business more personal to them. For this reason I am sure that you have heard the expression “know like and trust”. As a result that’s why it’s important to show yourself.

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Do I have to have a profile pic?

Viewers of your website, social media or literature will browse your images before reading the text.  As a result this is this is where they form that all important first impression. It is equally important to use well taken photographs to enhance your business.

You have a choice of where you can get your photographs from, you can:-
Use your own photographs.
Hire a photographer

Use your own photographs.

Before you use your own images, ask yourself an honest question, do I have the skill to produce quality images?

On the other hand you might choose to use a photo from

  • A night out
  • A wedding
  • Relaxing at a BBQ.

Given these points, how do they look and portray you to the public? Do they look professional i.e. the right lighting, composition of the shot, in focus (clear) and no distracting background. As a result if they do not look professional, consider what message this sends about you and your company.

As a matter of fact here is another article from LinkedIn regarding profile photos. Although this appears to have been written in fun, it must be remembered that it has a serous side.

Professional Photographer

A professional photographer will for this reason produce quality images that are unique to your business.  Remember that they can ensure that they get the best composition and lighting showing you in your best light.

In Conclusion

Ultimately the decision of photography choice is yours; use the solution that is the most suitable for you. Each choice has benefits and disadvantages, the important thing to remember is that it’s your business, what message do you want to convey, I have a professional business or I consider myself a professional business but no one will really notice if I skimp on the photographs?

For further information give Martin a call and discuss your requirements.

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