Aerial Photography Hampshire

Aerial Photography Hampshire

As can be seen Aerial Photography Hampshire is a new service from MH Photography. To put it differently this is about giving the client unique video and photos.


We use the DJI drone system.  Thus allowing us to capture unbelievably high-quality images. As a result it gives a unique point of view on the subject at all times offering incredible obstacle avoidance.  Thanks to a multitude of sensors, DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro can boldly go where no drone has gone before.

Picture of a DJI phantom 4 drone ariel photography hampshire

Here is a quick guide to our UK aerial photography prices.

In the first place, each job is unique. It’s important to realise that drone Aerial Photography Hampshire pricing may vary depending on the complexity, associated risks and location of the drone aerial photography. For this reason please call, email us or complete the form at the end to discuss your plans and requirements.

For this reason, The CAA Regulations cover all aerial photography drone flights. As a result, we have to carry out a detailed online Pre-flight survey before sending you a final quote.

Another key point to be aware of is that we do not do drone camera hire or drone rental on its own. In fact we will only supply a drone with one of our pilots.

Grandstands at Epsom from the Air Aerial Photography Hampshire

Service Description for
Aerial Photography Hampshire

  • DJI Drone Hire with ultra-HD 4k video camera with one pilot
  • Aerial filming and photographs with editing and licensed music
  • Full production service, ground-based and aerial video with editing
  • Residential Property aerial drone photography and video
  • 360 Aerial Panoramas
  • Aerial 360 Video Filming & Production (*duration is dependant on individual agreements)

Our prices are exclusive of VAT

Additionally a mileage basis is used for travelling expenses in the UK .  Prior to the start of the job these must be agreed with the client in writing.

MH Photography by all means are happy to provide fixed price tenders and quotations to councils and public sector organisations.

To clarify, all quotations and instructions are subject to MH Photography’s, Terms and Conditions. These are included with all quotations?

In the event that something goes wrong our Public Liability insurance is £5 million.

Site Survey, Booking, Deposit and Timing

In the UK the weather can affect the operation of Remote pilot aerial drone photography and video.  Therefore MH Photography’s Drone Photography Services have a flexible and pragmatic approach to scheduling client work.

Another key point is that we cannot operate our drones in rain or high winds.   Also, clients may have specific requirements that restrict us from flying at specific times.

What We Need From You

In addition, we need the location of the shoot (with an exact postcode), proposed date and a brief. Coupled with this a full brief containing as much background information as possible on what you want us to photograph and film. For this reason, we include a form at the end of the page.

Site Survey

In the first place, we do an initial office based online site survey to see if the shoot is possible. We also consider if there are any other factors, flight restrictions or permissions.

In larger filming shoots the drone aerial photography may be a small part of an overall production.  However, in order to comply with the terms of our CAA license, we still need to complete our pre-flight survey.  As a result, this could involve a physical site visit.

Each job is unique with a mixture of external influences that can affect when and where we can film. As a result, we plan ahead to decrease possible disruptions.

Booking & Deposit

Consequently, providing the result of our site survey is positive, you will receive a quote. Accordingly, this will give you a detailed brief, a provisional date and costs.

Accordingly if you are happy with our quotation, we may arrange a physical site visit to discuss any final arrangements.

In the first place, we operate a provisional booking system.  Once we have received a 35% deposit we will agree and confirm a firm booking.


In the first place, we monitor the weather forecast 5 days in advance of any shoot.  If the signs are not good we talk to the client 48 hours prior to the shoot.

At this point, we will reschedule the shoot for the next suitable date. Consequently a transfer of the booking deposit to the new date with no additional cost incurred.

In general, the weather is a known business risk in the UK. Consequently should the weather prevent the shoot taking place, rearrangement of the booking to another date takes place.

If for any reason due to factors out of our control it’s not possible to re-scheduled the shoot. Under those circumstances, MH Photography does not offer a refund of the initial deposit.

In like manner, if there is bad weather and both parties decide to stay with the original date. The pilots will wait on site as long as possible in the hope of a break in the weather.

Consequently if we arrive on site and are unable to shoot for any reason we will charge in full.  However we will offer clients a 25% discount off the price of the second shoot on the follow-up date.

Cancellation (taken from our Terms and Conditions)

8. Cancellation by MH Photography Aeriel Photography Hampshire.

8.1 If MH Photography cannot fly due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical failure, MH Photography cannot fly due to reasons that only become evident once on site or for reasons that MH Photography was not advised of beforehand then the full cost will remain due for payment. MH Photography will make every reasonable attempt to complete any tasks missed due to any of the reasons highlighted in, within 28 days of the missed task.

9. Cancellation by You

9.1 Notice of cancellation by the Client must be received in writing by MH Photography. and the Notice is not valid until confirmed in writing by MH Photography. Cancellation fees are payable according to the following schedule:

9.1.1 Following payment and more than 2 (two) days notice – 50% of the agreed fee less any payment already made.

9.1.2 Following payment and 2 (two) days or less notice – 100% of the agreed fee less any payment already made.

9.1.3  Notwithstanding the above schedule, if any costs have been incurred by MH Photography following written instruction from you (for example, but not limited to an agreed Site Survey cost, additional operators, specialist equipment) these costs will remain due for payment in full.

Copyright and Use of Material for
Aerial Photography Hampshire

For the most part, the copyright of all aerial photography and filming content remains with MH Photography, Aerial Photography Hampshire. In addition, we can negotiate and agree on a buyout of footage for specific filming contracts. As a result, our clients have full use of all photography and filmed material for their own business promotion.

Accordingly the terms and conditions for our Aerial Photography Hampshire can be viewed here

For further details, complete the form below and we will get back to you in the next 3hrs. If you prefer, click this link now or send an email

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