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Business Portraits Preparation

Business Portraits Preparation

Business Portraits Preparation as can be seen is about creating that first impression. Consequently that first Impression starts with the images on your website, social media and literature. As a result that impression depends on your images showing you and your business in their best light. For this reason using a professional photographer will give you the images that will achieve this.

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As an illustration of good and bad portraits, take a look at LinkedIn. For this reason by not having professional images, people may come to the conclusion that you don’t take your business seriously and you may not be very professional yourself.”

What can you do to improve your images?

1.   Background

In the first place the image background needs to be simple plain colour or out of focus. As a result this ensures that the subject is what the viewer eyes are attracted to.

2.   Well Lit

For this reason its important to realise that the image has to be correctly exposed. Another key point is the correct colour balance and the lighting is not to dark.

3.   Clothing

Another key point is to consider about how you want your businesses viewed. Equally important do you meet the public every day? Do you generally use the phone to make contact? In addition how do you see others that you contact?

The days of a tie and jacket have all but passed. It is right for those businesses such as Solicitors, Accountants, Bankers etc. In like manner if you are a manual worker, Builder, Electrician Plumber etc, you may want to choose smart casual. Whatever you choose please ensure that your choice is plain, that is no stipes, squares or really bright colours. For one thing this helps with post processing of the images.

4.   Hair

Whether you have long or short hair well-groomed looks good on photos. If you are going to have a haircut, do so a couple of days before. As a matter of fact, freshly cut hair does not sit right in photos.

5.   Makeup

The first thing to remember here is don’t overdo it. If you’re not confident with applying makeup then speak with the photographer. Additionally for an extra cost they can bring a makeup artist to help you look amazing.

6.   Glasses

If you normally wear glasses then bring them along. Above all if lighting does reflect into your glasses it’s easy to overcome.

7.   Smile

As a matter of fact it’s the longest word in the dictionary, a mile between the s’s. That’s better, viewers like to see happy people, and as a result psychologically people feel more comfortable.

It must be remembered this is some general advice on Business Portraits Preparation. For further information give Martin a call and discuss your requirements.

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