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Shades of 1950’s Ball.

Using a green screen backgrounds for events

In reality green screen backgrounds are a great way to enhance a photography event. The Shades of 1950’s ball  was a good use of a green screen backdrop.

Preparation for the event.

All things considered the event called for backgrounds that represented the decade of 1950’s. Cars of the period were the choice for this. The venue would not allow cars in and photographing outside was not an option. In the event cars could not be used and as a result green screen was chosen for the backdrop. With this in mind case images from Layer Cake Elements were used for superimposing in Photoshop.

Green Screen

The backdrop stands out as the bold chromatic colour. The trick is to try and evenly light it with the photography lights so as the light is even all over. Any creases will then disappear in the software process.

The guests are invited forward, and are posed in front of the backdrop.  The positioning has to be far enough away to stop shadows appearing.

Green Screen BackgroundsTwo people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds







 Green screen backgrounds processing.

The next step is to load the image onto the PC into Photoshop. Use the slect and mask tools to remove the green background. In this case the an image from Layer Cake Elements was used for the background.

Two people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds background removedPicture of a Diner Green Screen Background







The next stage is to place the diner picture behind the couples image. Look closely you will spot a slight green tinge on the image in places. You can easily remove this by creating a new layer in Photoshop. Now change the layer to hue and create a clipping path. For this reason you use the brush and eyedropper tool. Sample the colour next to the green hue then paint on the colour to the green tinge. You will see the green disappear.

Two people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds background removed new backgroundTwo people infront of Green Screen Backgrounds complete







Have a look at selection of the photos from the event here.

For a short video on this visit my you tube channel. Like to know more then contact Martin for further information.

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