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Corporate Photography Tips

Corporate photography tips on how it can help your marketing.

These corporate photography tips are to help you in putting together your requirements to promote your business.

Preparing your brief

To give an accurate estimate the photographer needs to know what it is you want to achieve. They will want to know:-

  • Time/date scheduled for the photography.
  • Location.
  • Contact at the venue, person to ask for on arrival.
  • Amount of time that is available for the shoot.
  • Type of shots required (any particular style – colour, black and white etc, wide angle).
  • What/who to be included in the shot – you should give a written description of exactly what you are after.  The photographer may well have other ideas but you need to be clear about what you want and are expecting.
  • Format for delivery of the shots (prints, slides, jpegs on CD etc).
  • When do you want the images delivered by?
  • Whether model/building consent forms are needed, if so do you want these provided.

Always indicate how the shots are going to be used, website, social media, literature etc. If it’s for a publication then it will be useful for the photographer to speak to the designer to get a feel for what is envisaged.

Also, to make any photography as cost effective as possible, think about how else you might use the images. Ensure the photographer is aware of this so they can take the shots in the most appropriate format and resolution.

Corporate Photography Tips Lady infront of logoCorporate Photography Tips man infront of logo







Corporate Photography Tips Picture of a Pub InteriorCorporate Photography Tips girl on white background









Additional Information

It will also be helpful to consider and include the following and give as much information that relates to your businesses.

• Identity guidelines
• Colour palettes
• Design layouts
• Values
• Strengths
• Business personality
• Backgrounds you might like to use
• Features within the office space
• Provide in images the your ideas (gives a feel to the photographer)

Now you have a better idea of what’s involved in organizing a professional photo shoot, lets write a brief for your requirements. Better still, email me at and I’ll send one I prepared earlier!


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