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First Impressions.

Why your Profile Photo creates first impressions.

Why first impressions? Fact – Studies have shown it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo. Like it or not, your picture is selling you.
How do you improve your impact on someone in less than a second?
You might be thinking why does it matter what photo I use a photo is a photo right? How many times have you looked a somebodies photo and formed an opinion of whether you like them? How many people will view your LinkedIn profile, what do you think your picture says about you?
If you want to know more look up Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov and read about the studies carried out at Princeton University into forming first impressions.

How can you improve your picture?

Squint a little with your eyes, don’t have them wide open.
Accentuate your jawline
Dress for your role
Make eye contact
Use either Head to shoulders or head to waist in frame


A plain background with company logo showing or an out of focus background.

First Impressions

What not to do?

Wear Sunglasses
Face only close-ups
Full body shot
Dark colors
High color saturation
Have a color cast in the photo (photo looks yellow)

Don’t just take our word that it’s not true about forming first impressions? Have a read of Amy Cuddy a social Psychologist’s article. Starting with your business profile picture it’s about establishing your credibility and giving your prospects a reason to trust you.

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IMAGE_IS_EVERYTHING, how to make them count 6 points to remember for Social Media Business sites.

If image_is_everything why do you need a profile photo? You will have heard that people buy from people, and from people they know, like and trust. In order to improve your visibility and create a good first impression you should have a social media profile pic. Your profile should display you as a professional business person.

Now undoubtedly there are some people that do not like having there photo taken. That’s not a problem but are you being fair with your business? Some people will undoubtedly take the step of using a selfie, that’s fine but do they use a posed photo that shows how professional they are or a funny image?

In reality your profile image acts like the window to your store. It’s what forms the client/visitor first impressions of you and your business. When you were younger were you told that appearances matter? Ask yourself would you use someone you perceive does not care about their business.

First Impressions for you and your business

In reality if you work from home you may well not be smart all of the time, that’s fine. The mission should you choose to except is to convince people that you are a well-groomed professional, that they would be prepared to employ the service(s) you provide. Are you that person, can you rise to the challenge? For the rewards that may come, is this a tall ask to smarten your profile up. Once people get to know you they can accept you as the person you are.

I have to report that social media platforms are here to stay. If you are going to use a platform for your business then it’s important to show your business in a professional light. Ask yourself does Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg look like someone with poor professional judgement? If the answer is NO then what excuse do you have?

1. What can you do about it?

When was the last time you updated your profile picture(s)? Does the image show just you or are you posed with your kids or partner? Does the image give details of your personal life away like holding a glass of beer whilst the bar is holding you up or you cooking at the BBQ?

two guys at a BBQ Image_is_Everything

Business Portrait?

Image is Everything

Business Portrait?











2. The first step here is to admit you have a problem that needs attention

It’s time to make a change. You want a fairly simple, professional-looking headshot that features you looking professional.

3. What can you do?

You have a choice; amateur (selfie), or pro? If you choose to take and use an amateur (selfie) image then consider the following:-

Even with today’s technology a mobile phone has limited use, it really isn’t designed with portraits in mind the functionality is limited. Use a decent camera, if you only have a phone ask a friend if you can use there’s better still ask them to take your pictures.

You need a picture that is not lopsided, is lit well: a simple background (plain or blurred) and the main subject YOU, in focus. I include selfies within this as well. You may be lucky or you may have to take a lot of pictures to get one that is useable. If you are not confident with this then consider visiting a professional photographer to have some decent headshots taken.

4. If you go pro

You want to find a professional photographer who cares enough to work with you and take pictures you both can be proud of. Let your existing network be your guide here; don’t be afraid to ping that nearby connection of yours who has an amazing profile pic and ask for help or a referral to a great photographer.

5. Whichever road you choose

Consider having your hair and makeup done. Wear clothing that is not striped that is plain in colour and is smart or formal.

When taking the photos there are two things to remember.

• Don’t take the picture straight on. Turn the subject at an angle away from the camera approximately 30-45°. This gives you more profile across the face and body giving better definition.

• Take the picture from slightly above, this is a more flattering angle and helps to reduce any double chin by pulling the head up.

Corporate PhotographyCorporate Photography







6. Now you have those images

You have an important step if you chose to DIY or amateur, use photo editing software or an app. You may want to play around with the image or do some visual touch ups or you may need to enhance the contrast of the image. If you chose to use a professional photographer they will do the post processing, you receive the finished image.

Next time you’re scrolling through your social media connections list and you see someone that this advice might help, please pass it on.



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