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As a business owner, when looking to grow your business do you  portray as professional an image as possible ?
Successful people dress for success in both business and for social events. Whatever we do is reflected in our image to society and influences the image we portray or perceive.

Do you take pride in:-

• The way you dress
• The look of your premises
• The perception of how others see you
• How you respond to others

Picture of a lady on image






Picture of products on image






Picture of a showroom on image







If the answer is yes to the above then well done and good luck in your future dealings. If the answer is no then it’s time to do something about it. Why? Pay attention to the details and business will increase.

Your image whether you like it or not is all part of your brand. How you appear to your viewers is how they base their judgement on you. This could be a variety of ways, website, network meeting, phone call of complaint or enquiry, social media profile picture. I am sure you can think of a few more. Whatever method it is, the decision is made on the first impression the visitor gets of you and in very little time (an average under a second).

Use of the Internet

Today one of the most used methods is to research someone via the internet. The more that a potential client can glean about you helps them to form an impression of whether they want to do business with you. In order to get the best chance to do business with them we all need to have an arsenal of persuasive techniques.

In order these include:-
• Visual aids -Photographs and/or Video
• Written word – Copy writing
• Providing information about what we do and sell – products and services (mixture of the above)

In order to be undertaken well, the above will require well thought out actions by you, they may need a professional to produce your thoughts in a way that shows you in the best light.

Don’t take shortcuts

When making decisions about you and your company do you take shortcuts or put another way calculated risks with regard to the way your brand looks? This could prove damaging in your dealings with others.

If the wording or provided information is not appealing to those visiting your site, then you could instruct a copy writer to prepare the words used.
How about the images on your site?

Images you can use

The short cut is to use stock images that you like, be careful though. Always read the small print applying to their use, or purchase the license. Failure to heed this could end up with you receiving a solicitor’s letter; stock sites are trawling the internet using software to identify their images. Also don’t forget to check your competitor’s site(s) to see what they are using; you don’t want the same images, it won’t put you in a good light with those viewing your images.

You could use your own images, if they are clear, in focus, do they show the subject matter in a good light, if not don’t use them. Remember the first thing that visitors see on social media, websites or literature, are your images whether they are still or video? If these are sub-standard you are not going to keep the viewers attention.

Your business image is all the factors above and is bigger than your marketing material. Everything you do reflects on your image for good or bad, with the right image you can go far so ensure you are not giving mixed messages.

If you are new to business and considering a website or a social media profile contact us and find out about our Business Starter photography package. Customers can purchase this service as a fixed price and it’s easier than you think to ensure that you’re “IMAGE IS EVERYTHING”.

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