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HDR Photography

HDR Photography by Hampshire Photographer, Martin from MH Photography

HDR photography or High-dynamic-range imaging is a set of techniques used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than possible using standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. (Wikipedia definition)

HDR Image

HDR Photography

In plain language this means that the single image you take in your camera (see the image below) is not capable of producing the tonal range that you see in an HDR image.

Standard Image.


HDR Photography

For HDR photography, to produce an HDR image you need a minimum of three of the same image. The difference is that you exposed the scene that you want to take to three different exposure settings. Ideally 1 correctly exposed, 1 at +2stops overexposed and 1 at -2 stops underexposed. This supplies the basic images to create an HDR image. You then require software like Photoshop or Photomatrix others are available.

Within Photoshop you can merge your three images together and basically extract the full tonal range of the image. You have the opportunity to alter the settings in the software to produce the image look you are looking for, a word of caution though some of the techniques or settings can make the image look awful (personal taste).

Attached are some images taken around Winchester in Hampshire that are untouched or I have used the two named software packages.

HDR Photography HDR PhotographyHDR PhotographyHDR Photography

I will leave you to decide which you like the look of. The important thing to remember with HDR photography is not to overdo the affect. Process your HDR images so that they don’t look false or overdone. Subtle is the way to go to bring out the detailing.

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Are Professional Head-shots Important?

Are professional-head-shots-important to you?

If you are in business, are professional-head-shots-important to you? Yyou will have heard the expression “first impressions count”. I am sure that as a business person you take great pride in the image you portray.

I am sure that a lot of businesses ensure that they have:-

A great website
Great literature
A good social media presence
Clean and tidy premises
Ensure you have the right insurances
Correct vehicles

What about your photography? Is the photography you use unique to you?

You may be using stock images as the images of your business. Nothing wrong with this but have you considered that someone else (a rival) may be using them? What about your profile picture on LinkedIn, Twitter etc or on your website, is it one that someone took when you were on holiday?

I would suggest that you have a look at some profile pics on LinkedIn. In my opinion there are some bad pictures and some very professional pictures, I’ll leave you to decide which ones are which but, what do the professional pics say about the individual compared to the non-professional?

Business Image the right way!

As a business I am sure you want to create the right first impression, whether it’s on your website, social media, you are representing your business. Whichever photographer you deal with, having a professional head-shot will put confidence into your business and make your clients more willing to deal with you. A clear, well lit and well posed picture adds to the clients perspective of “KNOW, LIKE and TRUST” in dealing with you. Ask yourself, when you see inferior pictures what do you do?

Just one more thing, with your professional image and in this age do you have to have a serious facial expression or is it acceptable now to smile? I’ll leave this for you to think about.


Picture of a man professional-head-shots-important

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