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Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots by Hampshire Photographer, Martin from MH Photography

Good corporate headshots helps you communicate in a nanosecond who you are and what you do.

In business do you settle for second best? If your answer is “YES” then read no further.

When you started in business was your vision to be the best in your field, was it not to skimp on any area of your business? Was it to ensure you had the best chance to market your services/products?

What about your photography?

Photography Today.

With the coming of the digital age most people today have access to a digital camera in one form or another. This makes it very easy to DIY your profile photos and to be fair I think a lot of people would be happy with that. After all it is only a photo.

Have you heard of the saying “YOUR IMAGE IS EVERYTHING”, this is probably one of the most important choices for your business. Your image shows people how serious you take your business.

Ask yourself 3 questions.

1. Do your photographs depict “Professionalism”?
2. Is the photograph engaging?
3. Does the photograph instil confidence?

Look at your current image(s) are they:-

1. Clear (in focus and can see the face)
2. Well lit (image is lit to ensure that the facial features can be seen)
3. The background does not take the eye of the person looking away from the image.

By reviewing the above, you may feel that you need to update your images, contact Martin to discuss your requirements.

A picture of a man Corporate Headshots

A picture of a group of men Corporate Headshots

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