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Product Photography


Product photography is essential if you have a small business selling items on line. Especially if you have an e-commerce page that allows your visitors to view your products. When considering images of the products, do you do it yourself or get professional help to portray your goods?

Cooking Oil Holder Product photography

Cooking Oil Holder































A choice of cameras are available; iPhone, iPad, compact camera, bridge camera, consumer DSLR and the professional DSLR. However the camera is not the only bit of equipment that you need. It is a case of “you get what you pay for”.
In the case of small items, you need a background to shoot the item against. This means that the product has to be lit. To ensure that you get the best quality image you will need either studio lights or flash guns (studio lights have more control). If you use a DSLR you may also need a different lens rather than the kit lens but be careful about using the pop up flash. To process the image you may also need some software. You also need to devote time to the process and this all adds to the cost of producing your images.

Professional Photographer

They will have in most cases the correct equipment. You pay for the finished image(s).

Picture of a candle holde rProduct photography

Candle Holder

What’s involved?


The product, if it is small has to be photographed in a way that is pleasing to the eye. This involves being well lit (with a soft light); this boosts the look of the product. The soft lighting will avoid hard shadows that will spoil the beauty of the product. The image needs to be correctly colour balanced, that is not having a warm yellow light.

It is possible on a cloudy day to undertake a table top shoot outside where you will have soft lighting. Place the product on a one colour background.


The quality of the image depends on the type of lens you use. I am sure you will appreciate that using a camera with a fixed lens and zooming in and out will not give you the same quality as a prime lens on a DSLR.

Do not stand close to the products or shoot them close up. It is better to shoot products at a short distance away, this makes them look better. The type of lens you use should allow the texture and detailing to show through. Always use a tripod; it’s all too easy to move when taking the shot.


You want to be in control of the location where the shoot takes place and the lighting. By controlling the lighting you will be able to light the product to reduce reflections and stray light. This will give a far more pleasing product photography images.

Like more information on photographing products then contact Martin.

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