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Family Portraits

What do family portraits mean to you?

By Martin your Hampshire Photographer at MH PHotography

Why would you spend your hard earned money commissioning someone to take one for you?

It’s likely that we all have different ideas and values with regard to this question. Is it that you are proud of your family and because of this your family values are high on your agenda? You clearly take pride in the images you display and to demonstrate this value, you display images for your family and friends to admire that clearly have been taken by a professional photographer.
Is it that you want to record the precious memories while the family is together enabling a legacy to be recorded and collected? This legacy being passed on to family members enabling them to look back at the adventures and times that they had together.

Is it that you want to let the kids have some great memories when they all go their own way, setting up their own family. The memories can be passed onto the next generation, giving them the understanding of the family values and for their kids to understand who their ancestors were.

For me, it’s about passing on the images of family life. With the popularity today of “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE” it’s about being able to put a face to a name and keeping the family and values alive. It’s about family get-together’s and recording the birthdays, marriages, the changes time brings and the additions to the family, but above all ensuring that those I meet have a great experience and enjoy the moment.

It’s about meeting nice people and through my photography and with my passion to bring out the best as naturally as possible of the people I photograph and preserving those special moments of their lives.

Photographing a family isn’t about the photographs alone, it’s about what you do and the experiences you enjoy during the photo session, it’s about the photographer and how they interact with the client that bringing the best out in the image.

I get a fantastic feeling when I see my clients beaming with pride, happiness and gratitude when they view the images.


Family Lifestyle Portrait


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By Hampshire Photographer, MH Photography’s, Martin Harris.

In April 2011 I started my photography business. Having spent 23 years in the Civil Service, starting a business and entering the real world was daunting.

Where does one start?

You do all the things that you think will bring in business, website, leaflets, advertise and speak to people and business starts slowly. What else can you do?

What is this thing called networking? I got involved by one phone call from a local BNI group. I went along and liked the idea of each member helping each other to find business and passing business to each other. That’s the theory over with.

Over the next two and a half years I questioned whether the BNI model was right for me. Eventually I decided it wasn’t and left.

What is right for me?

I have found that joining or going (depends on the fees) to different groups is a better way of meeting a lot of people. Granted some of these people are only looking for business for themselves, it’s not that they are short sighted; it’s about them not knowing how to network. The essence of the art of networking is to build relationships with people that you have a synergy with. It’s is about that person and the people they know. The average number of people they know is 250, (check your phone and add up the number of contacts). This works equally well with social media as well.

The important thing is to build relationships and find out what it is that people are looking for. Have 1-2-1 meetings, get to know them well and you will give and then receive business. Be realistic though this may take a few months to achieve.

I belong or attend several networking groups and business is coming from these groups.

Business Builders Fareham Solent (LinkedIn group) hosted by Malcolm Archibald
Bizpedia hosted by Josh Williams
LinkedIn networking group, hosted by Adam Petford
8 Business Networking hosted by Alan Neary
Basepoint networking groups, hosted by individual Basepoint Centres

I have attached some imaged from these groups.

On Friday the 1st of August I attended a new group for me at Lunch time in Port Solent. Met some lovely people and Malcolm Chewter who is a celebrant,

This was a prearranged meeting via a member of a BNI group. The reason for the meeting was to discuss my new service called “Celebration of Life” slideshows. It was purely to form a relationship, so that should Malcom during his business of meeting with a family (regarding the funeral of a loved), be asked if he knows of anyone who could prepare a slideshow for them, he could give them some information to point them in my direction. This may take time to nurture but if we had never met, Malcolm would not have the information.

Does networking work?

My answer has to be yes but it is a long term approach, things take time for people to like trust and know you.

Do expensive networking groups work?

They are not right for everyone but the principles are the same, build the relationships.

If you have a comment, please contact Martin and share your view.

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Network Group Hosts

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Network Group Birthday

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60 Seconds

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The attendees

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Meeting people

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Happy networker

MH Photography

Networking prior to lunch

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